Haris Panidis

The artist Haris Panidis was born in Thessaloniki in 1954. Painting seemed to be a love for him in the beginning; it became a passion later on: he paints oils and draws in all stages of his life. His studies in economics, his Master's degree and the period of time that he works as a businessman are merely deviations from the main route that enchants him from an early age, from the form of art that permeates him completely now, that is painting.

Clear-cut lines and well-mastered colors conveying serenity or force accordingly characterize his works. The themes vary as they manage to reflect the essence of the objects, even those in their simplest form but also the complexity of the context in which we live in. His "explosive" collages depict contemporary life in either humorous or sarcastic ways underlining the plethora of our everyday problems, the mortality of our being but also man's capacity to control his daily life.

Haris Panidis has participated in eight group exhibitions and has had twelve solo exhibitions of his work. Four of them were held in Belgium, in Bla-Bla gallery (2001 and 2005), in the European Parliament  (2002) and in EESC (2005). You can see his latest work under the "Gold Slides" link.

His works can be found today in many private collections in Greece and abroad.

He lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece.


See his paintings:

Wood Stories
Collage - Painting
Gold Slides

Exhibitions Posters

Contact him at: panart@hol.gr